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Potato Flakes

Potato flakes, due to simplicity of use and preparation, total reducing and storing, reduction of transport costs (in comparison with  raw potatoes) and possibility of their use all over the world, become the global product.
Potato flakes offered by  Z.P.Z STOLON is the highest quality product, which for many years has gained flattering opinions of customers on national and foreign markets. Its high quality is a result of above  hundred  experience at production of potato products.
For production of our flakes we use potatoes from the selected eatable varieties, not genetically modified, cultivated under strict supervision. They come from Pomeranian region, which characterizes with excellent soil-climate conditions for potatoes cultivation.
The technological process of potato flakes production consists of following stages: washing of raw material, peeling and cutting, blanching, chilling, potatoes evaporation, drying of evaporated pulp, crumbling and sifting of the product, packing. All processing   is on quality control.
The flakes may include different additives and granulation (bulk density) according to customer's requirements.
Also the basic weight of packet i.e. net 25 kg bag may be modified on customer's request.