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Refrigerating industry

Potato flakes are used in refrigerating industry as a raw material for production of frozen foods such as all sorts of dumplings, croquettes, potato cutlets etc.



The use of potato flakes for bakery has an impact on improvement of aroma-taste properties of products and on natural prolongation of freshness period. The flakes are most commonly used as a substitute of fluffing and preservative chemical agents applied for bakery. Bread with the addition of flakes is very well fluffed, has got flexible pulp and when the production process is properly conducted it is easy to cut. Even three days after the baking the pulp is still flexible, fresh, tastes good and does not have any signs of stale bread. Beside the improvement of aroma-taste virtues, the use of potato flakes is also important in terms of economy. It is worth mentioning that by using flakes for bakery there is a 7 - 11% increase of efficiency of produced product.


Meat and poultry industry

In the meat and poultry industry, addition of fine-grained potato flakes in the amount of 3-4% to cured meats, has a positive impact on the coefficient of absorption of water - released in the process of meat size reduction. It also stabilizes the process of fat release from the product during its storage. In the production technology cured meats, the flakes can be used as substitutes for hydrolizates and protein isolates produced on the basis of beef. The products produced in such a way fulfill all quality requirements. Potato flakes are also successfully applied as the addition to the production of pâté and canned food.

Other use


In the industry of refined potato products, such as: crisps, where there is a sudden increase of use of dried potatoes.
In the concentrated food industry, the potato flakes are used as thickening agent for instants soups, sauces, puree etc.